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Irrigations Systems for Homes and Offices

Water has been a vital component to plant health and to keep plant life healthy.  However, using a hose these days by hand is a strenuous thing. The irrigation systems that can be designed by us to suit your garden foliage and also the set up of the garden can be a boon on your time.  Our innovative watering system takes the hassle out of your watering by hose or even a watering can. Using a well established and set up irrigation system gives your plants and foliage the moisture it requires for its growth and for it to stay green and lush.

The benefits of a well established irrigation system in your home garden or office premises are:-

  • It is a once and for all installed system that can be operated as and when you feel like it.
  • You only have to turn on the spigot to water your plants – the hassle of hoses and pulling them along the garden is a thing of the past.
  • Installation of a timer which will come on at the correct time and you need not be on the look-out for that as it will turn on automatically and shut down automatically as well.

Pin-point Precision Watering is a new concept that has been brought to home-gardens as well.  Our experts will install this concept in your garden and you will be amazed at the outcome of same.  The watering of plants is planned and each plant gets its quota of water to beam through its roots and keep the plants alive and fresh looking.

A new concept is the drip irrigation for home gardens. This concept distributes the water immediately above or beneath the surface, thus issuing the roots and plants with the water that is required.  This is cost saving as it minimizes water loss.   Further with the drip irrigation system you can rest assured that you will not have mold sports on the walls from the normal spigot spray system. It is a new concept that would keep your house looking beautiful as well as you garden looking fresh.

The Operating Systems of the drip irrigation can be designed to suit the customer’s needs and requirements. A night work out as well as a day time work out of the irrigation systems can be planned by our experts in the field, who will no doubt be available if the client needs any questions to be answered regarding the system.

At AK GARDEN GROUP we are equipped with experts in the field of irrigations water systems for your home gardens and office premises.  We go a step ahead and incorporate your requirements into our designs thus giving the customer the entire satisfaction of knowing that the irrigation system has been installed according to their requirements.  Our experts in the horticultural field have been trained specifically to carry out a systems that will bring customer satisfaction.

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