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Garden Design Sri Lanka

Tree planting is an art and needs extreme skills.  At AK GARDEN GROUP we are equipped with the expertise in tree planting whether it is home gardens or large estates. Our experts in this field will be able to advise you on what trees you would need to plant and how it should be landscaped in a manner that would bring the best out of the surrounding.

The tropical climate of Sri Lanka is indeed compatible for plant life. If you look around today’s home gardens you will come across a variety of plants and trees that have been beautifully landscaped.

Many households are not going in for plants such as tomatoes, green chilies, and leafy varieties as they are more conscious of their health and want to keep fit.

We are very conscious of the fact households today are more interested in food plants than the flowery type. We also excel in green house constructions and concepts that will bring out the best for plants that need a cool atmosphere in a tropical country.

Our services do not end with the planting of trees, but we also have the expertise to maintain the gardens we set up for our clients on a weekly basis at a nominal fee. The fertilizers we use are sans chemicals that are detrimental to human life. Instead we use a plethora of organic fertilizers that would no doubt be safe for humans.

Our clients could give us their requirements and we will come up with numerous designing concepts in plants that our clients can choose from. It can be seen that during the monsoon period in Sri Lanka many plants spring up and most of them are of the fern variety.

A concept that we thrive in is bringing luxury plants into your household. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful idea? Just to have the luxury of having beautiful plants adorn the household in a few pots that could be nurtured in your garden. It is a fact that a potted plant can survive inside the house for a week and we replace them with the potted plants that are nurtured outside.  You may not be aware but to have a few plants inside your home will bring about an atmosphere that will be vibrant and pushes out the dullness and monotonous look of the inside of your house.

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